About Us

We help business owners to accept credit card payments without complicated contracts or pricing.

Extraordinary Experience

We guide your business through the process. 

Over their collective 50+ years of banking experience, the Beltway Merchant Services team has collaborated with a diverse range of industries, serving more than 4,000 clients. Our extensive expertise enables us to efficiently & effectively establish your setup from the outset. This wealth of experience also equips us with the skills to adeptly manage any challenges that may arise, spanning from application procedures to processing each accepted transaction, all while providing expert guidance to steer businesses toward success.

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In this business, experience matters.


Our mission

Our aim is to become the trusted local experts within the community, serving as the link between business owners and credit card processing. Unlike larger corporations where clients dial a generic 1-800 number, we provide direct and personalized access to our services. Our emphasis is on skillful client management, not ceaseless expansion. Our objective is to assist business owners in seamlessly accepting credit card payments, eliminating complex contracts & pricing. We prioritize educating business owners about the reasons behind their charges, offering insights into the what, why, and how, all while exploring avenues to minimize expenses & enhance functionality, ultimately contributing to improved business efficiency.

How We Got Started

Dan and John initially crossed paths in the world of retail banking, assuming roles as Branch Managers. Their bond grew as they shared triumphs and discovered a mutual passion for soccer, actively participating in numerous local leagues together. 

Transitioning from retail banking, both found their way to Bank of America Merchant Services, the nation’s premier merchant services company, where they thrived as territory managers. Their combined tenure of over 13 years saw them aiding more than 3,000 business proprietors. 

Seeking to broaden their horizons, they eventually transitioned to roles as commercial bankers at community bank institutions. After a year, their experiences working alongside local entrepreneurs rekindled a desire to assist business owners in navigating payment processing. 

Motivated by a yearning for autonomy, the concept of establishing their own merchant services company began to take shape. Following thorough research and heartfelt discussions with their families, they took the bold step of resigning from their positions, giving rise to the inception of Beltway Merchant Services.

Dan and John